Introduction of LED-Marine Convergence Research Center in Pukyong University

LED-Marine Convergence Research Center was established in June 2010, which was financially supported by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and Busan City. Main building is located in Yongdang Campus of Pukyong National University (8th engineering building, total area 4,821 m2). All equipments (304 items/$927M) are open to industry for LED-marine convergence. Nowadays, 42 employees are worked for development and support platforms as follow.

  • 1) KOLAS test certification/examination Platform
    • Photometry, environmental reliability and electrical safety
    • Failure mode analysis & Standardization
  • 2) R&BD Platform
    • Marine ship engineering ICT lighting
    • Water marine life product ICT lighting
    • Marine LED lighting city ICT illumination
  • 3) Technical Support Platform
    • Technical counselling, doctor and transfer
    • Support of design and analysis
    • LED-marine convergence technology cluster
  • 4) Manpower Training Platform
    • Master and doctor degree research manpower training
    • Industry site manpower re-education

Working & Supporting Area

Optics/Photometry Environmental Reliability Electrical Safety
Electromagnetic Waves Explosion Proof Power/Circuit/Controll
Evaluation of light environment Optical & Thermal Design Marine Life